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About Us

Granville is a diversified company founded in London, UK in 2008. In order to adapt to the international market situation and enterprise development needs, since 2012, the company has gradually oriented to foreign markets through resource integration, the Granville's businesses are present across five continents. . We operate in four industry clusters: bearings and components for Industry, Automotive aftermarket accessories, Machine tools & mechatronics, Supply-chain Management in the new technology materials, and healthcare devices solutions.

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Company Philosophy

At Granville, we have to demand integrity from ourselves in everything we do. This helps us maintain brand credibility, protect our reputation and drive our performance to the next level. From production to the office, all Granville employees and representatives hold themselves to a high standard -- not only do we comply with all laws and regulations in the places where we do business, but we do it better.

Our Vision

Continue to innovate through resource integration and business diversification to maintain uniqueness in the market.

Our Mission

Driving connections, Delivery trusts.

Provide comprehensive quality products and thoughtful customer service.

Our Values

Behavior-based, service oriented, focused on results, and committed to continuous improvement.


We continue to provide reliable quality products, actively innovate, improve the process to pursue efficiency and effect.

We value our employees, respect the environment, take responsibility for the communities we live and work in, and protect the environment and natural 

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