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Energy & New materials

Its own vanadium titanium magnetite, zirconium titanium resources, while the advantage of the supply of iron ore, aluminum ingots, silicon and magnesium, petrochemical, rubber, agricultural products, and other new material industries.

Granville mieral and new materials

With a large number of quality clients in upstream and downstream bulk-commodity and mineral chains. Granville supply chain integrates diversified business activities and constantly improves its competitiveness.

In September 2017, Granville partner successfully acquired the Mapochs mine assets through an open auction. The Mapochs Mine is located about 240 kilometers northeast of Johannesburg, South Africa; The mine contains high grade vanadium titanium magnetite ore.

Vanadium titanomagnetite is the main source of vanadium, accounting for about 70%. Vanadium titanium magnetite will also be used as ore blending, added to ordinary iron ore smelting in the blast furnace.

Various Vanadium Application:

Vanadium is an important alloying element, mainly used in the iron and steel industry (about 85%). Vanadium containing steel has high strength, toughness, good wear resistance and other excellent characteristics. Therefore, it is widely used in iron and steel materials such as machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, railway, reinforcing bar, special steel, plate, long wood and so on.

About 10% of vanadium is used to make titanium alloys. Vanadium can be used as stabilizer and strengthening agent in titanium alloy, which makes titanium alloy have good ductility and plasticity. Titanium alloy is mainly used in rocket, aircraft structure, aerospace, jet engine and other aerospace industries.

In addition, about 5% of vanadium is used in the chemical industry and batteries:

* Vanadium is used to produce a new type of clean energy storage device called

Vanadium Redox Battery (VRB).

* Vanadium is also used as a catalyst in the manufacture of sulphuric acid and vulcanized rubber, and to inhibit the production of nitrous oxide in power plants.

Vanadium titanomagnetite

Granville for

Energy Solutions

Granville energy solution

The global energy storage market will develop rapidly, and battery energy storage will become the main form of energy storage due to its cost advantage and performance improvement. Extensive renewable energy and emissions-reduction support policies are also driving global adoption of battery storage solutions. Vanadium redox flow battery (VRB) have attracted more and more attention due to their design flexible, response speed fast and environment friendly and so on in recent years.

The raw ore at Mapochs mine has the world's top grade of vanadium, with a significantly higher grade of vanadium pentoxide than other mines. Vanadium titanium magnetite containing high grade vanadium pentoxide can reduce production cost and produce high purity vanadium products more efficiently.

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