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Automotive Aftermarket

From steering, engine, braking, chassis and wheel fastening technology to vehicle electronics, pneumatics and our G-Tech auto plus programme – at Granville you will find quality repair components for current passenger cars, trucks, buses, trailers, semitrailers and light commercial vehicles offered from a reliable source.


Our goal is to ensure the rapid updating of products in the automotive aftermarket, to serve customers worldwide, to provide a wide range of technical components for passenger and commercial vehicles, and to sell quality comparable to original parts.




Wheel bearings

Granville manufactures wheel-end bearings, which are the perfect alternative to original equipment parts from leading manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Iveco, and among others.




Wheel hubs & kits

We manufacture and offer product range of over 1000 kits includes three generations of wheel bearing designs. All bearings are sealed for life with high performance, application-specific grease. Kits include any nuts, bolts, or screws necessary to carry out a complete repair.




Clutch release bearings

Clutch release bearing is installed between clutch and transmission, which is an important part of vehicles. Granville supply over 500 different clutch release bearing kits, applying in the most of American, European, Korean, Janpanese, and other modern vehicles on roads.


GIL-Timing belt and pulleys


Timing system

The timing belt links the camshaft to the crankshaft, which manages the pistons of the engine. We offer a full range of timing belts and pulleys for Asia & European passenger cars - the quality is undeniably tested and comparable to original parts.


GIL-CV joint and driveshafts


CV-joints & driveshafts

CV joints for short are an integral part of front-wheel-drive cars. They are installed on both ends of the car’s driveshaft. Granville components for transmission, driveshafts and constant velocity joints embody reliable technology to reduce

overall friction and maintain smooth operation.


In the vehicle, there are many other parts also use a lot of bearings. Each bearing plays its own characteristics to improve the driving performance and safety of the car. We provide needle roller bearings for transmission, deep groove ball bearings for supporting shafts, cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings, as well as automotive seals.

For more information about bearing products, please refer to our GIL product website.


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