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Safety & PPE Products

Automation and safety protection solutions, improve operation efficiency, ensure safety of workers

GILPLUS Medical products & PPE

GILPLUS Safety and Productivity solutions is dedicated to providing customers around the world with safe products that help improve productivity, operational safety and performance.


The environment of the industrial and chemical industry exposes workers to a variety of health and safety hazards, such as injured during installation and handling, toxic gases, formaldehyde, dust, liquid spatter and spray. These can lead to repetitive motion disorders, skin irritation, chemical burns or respiratory infections, eye and facial injuries, and more. Prior to the epidemic, we initially supplied labor protection products to various industries, including cotton gloves, latex gloves, protective gloves, masks, protective clothing, etc.

GILPLUS audited supply partners have advanced technology, a wide range of products, and experienced application support to help industry and medical device users quickly find solutions to meet their safety requirements.

Featured Products

Wide range of PPE products

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